Thursday, November 5, 2009

The challenges for my discipline on the technology is very all, because I think that the all areas of human science on the investigation area, with the internet can made papers put it on internet and with their students, and professionals and of the some discipline and share knowledge and at the some way the competetion entre them is more obvious because because the partner of the discipline all over the world don't have excuse to made shorts investigation at put it on internet as papers, because now the professional is also valued becuase of those works. On the social challenge I think (in my ignorance) that is the same at least here in Chile because we as a discipline are unkown, so the sociaty on this world that the job have to contribute m on the develoment on the nation we don't con to much, on their eyes so the challenge for my is that the people realize that the problem of don't have an identidy is because our production and history of art on Chile is very poor, I can say that we don't had history of art, and the coincidence of this problem with USA is the same, they also had a problem with their identidy so they take products of Europe, and made them their own. So the pragmatist vision of life, with the view on the compensation of money, at the life for work and after that had a real life, on the retire, made us see the human science as art like a thing that doesn't work. The challenge on the Education is related with the social problem. The problem of the aesthetics education, the learning of feeling, on this time we had to use instruments that made us feel, like the people how drive in a hight speed on their car, or the guys who are in motocycle in a hight speed, those machine madethem feel things, but when the people goes to the see some "art" they get bored because thay can feel, is too hard, that is way the show business is so sucessful, the people had to feel outside of their self.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sect, quite scary....

I think that the people find sects appealing because the people who belong to sects do things that ordinary people like me don't know and we only can imagine. Also is very interesting because the sects are a very old "thing". The Christians are an example of a sect, because the origin of them is the Judaism religion and a part of
That religion forms a group that broke with the Judaism religion. That group will be known as the sect.
But is also other sect as know the Ku Klux Klan. That sect is famous, and know is part of the pop culture, you can ask every one if they know that sect and if you ask them or if you ask me who are they, the common answer that they were a group of man that wear white robe and a white hood that also cover their faces, and the other people that don't belong to the sect couldn't recognize. This people killed colour people, because they hated them. I f you ask me what is a sect, immediately appear on my mind the Ku Klux Klan. I said that they belong to the pop culture because they appear on the movies, on novels; they are (with Hitler) what the pop culture call the incarnation of evil. I don't have much knowledge about what a sect means really or the Ku Klux Klan's believes, but I think that this group of people don't have tolerance for the rest of the humanity; they had misinterpreted the bible (Because they love God)
The ignorance is very powerful as we can see on this people; they are an example of what the irrational mind can do.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My faculty

My faculty, in the Juan Gomez milla is poor in the infrastructure and in the architecture, for example the English park is a path that is made of wood, for the rain had distorted the wood and that is uncomfortable to walk on by, because you can stumble. There is a person who works on the faculty and she hurt her ankle, she had to stays at home with a medical license. The material of path could be chance for other more save and comfortable to walk, and more durable that wood, maybe metal, or cement, or I don’t know.... but there must be change.

Also the bath rooms, at last the woman's bath room, isn't very pretty, because there is just one bath room and is quite small, so doesn't keep very clean. The bath room is too hide, this is in the end of the faculty. Could be more that one bath room.

When rains the water get filter into the English class room, and sometimes in others class rooms too. When rains I realize that there aren't to many spaces for take shelter of the rain and also the cold on winter, maybe we need more spaces covered with a roof, also for the hot on summer, for been more comfortable in the faculty, and of course we need a bigger library, is quite small, sometimes is full of people and there isn't too many space to study, but also because of this small space isn't too confortable to study because we can hear the group of people how are talking are doing a group home work.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm chilean

I'm gonna to talk you about a comment that I had from a brazilian four years ago. I was in high school on a trip with my classmates on Brasil and this guy who made the tour says that the chileans are: very shy people, but in a bad way because when we were in a group of people, like friends, we took personality and laugh of the other people, or made unpleasant comments of them. Also there is the comment of Ominani who said "that been a chilean is a tragedy". I love my country and all that ... but my family and I lived something like that comment of Ominami when we arrive from Brasil after almost 8 years, I was very little but I felt that kind of envy from "the chilean people". The first year of school was hard because the girls (but not the boys) were cruel. Mom and dad experiment the envy of there old friends, but envy of what? I don't know. A friend of my dad who was chilean but settle in England come to visit us and said the some comment of Ominami. So that is the awful truth, isn't? We' are envious people. But also we had good things. The prank of the chilean, when the chilean is in an other country knows how to take advantage of the earliest apportunity. We are very good host when a foreigner come to visit our country, also we are good to makes jokes.
I don't know how present are our roots. My mom is from the north of Chile, and for me the roots that I have are from the history and culture of the mining people, the desert, and that but also I fell the love from the history of Brazil culture and history, so I don't really know .... I don't fell the roots from the people of the south of chile and to the problems of the indigenous from Arauco.
I thing that our roots are more farway from us compared to other countries of Chile. Maybe because we are divide from the rest of America because of the range of the Andes, and we're almost lonely, and for that reason the history of our country are insolated, and we don't really cultivate are roots in general. I knew Pablo neruda poem's from a song of a brazilian group, and the people on the rest of the world know us because of Pinochet, and the return of the democracy, and of course Salvador Allende, I don't know if that is good or bad, some people admired us, for that we had the respect from other countries, because we choose the democracy, when I travel I said that I'm from Chile the people said, Pinochet!, Allende! but I like when they said Bachelet, the woman president!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I would show to the visit the centre of Santiago, because I think that is interesting how differents forms of culture had a reunion on one tinny place, the different smells of food, pollution, and of course people is the principal memories that the people had of Santiago, for some people is nice and for the majority is not a good impression but is our culture. I would take them to the municipal theatre to hear some beautiful music, and dancing. Also I would take them to the CCPM because in that place the government exposit it the official art of our country, then I would take him to visit the Palacio de La Moneda because you can visit the principal city of a country with out know in the politic history. Then I would take hem to walk to Plaza de Armas and the cathedral.
I would like that the visit compared the colonial ascendant of our city that is for me not very appreciated for us. Also I would take them to the mount of San Cristobal and Santa Lucia and see Santiago from other panoramic, and because in those places we can see the vegetation and also bread fresh air, that is quite amazing in this city, and this will show to the tourist that in Santiago you can find almost everything, even fresh air and a silence place, at also to see that in Santiago we can feel that we’are not in the city. Also I my visitor can visit the Museo de Bellas Artes, because I study that thing......and the visitor must know Plaza ñuñoa near from my department, there is very nice in the afternoon because you can walk on he Plaza, you can eat ice cream, ride your bike, is very peaceful. On the night you can find greats restaurants or bars, whatever you want to do with your frinds..........

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The biggest Avant garde.............SALVADOR DALI

I wanna talk about not of my favourite avant garde but of the biggest artist of the surrealism.
My favourite avant garde is surrealism and inside that I LOVE the work of Salvador Dali. For me it's really hard choose what is my favourite work of Dali. But if I have to choose I will have to say that my “favourite” is Millet's Architectonic Angelus, because for me it's beautiful how Dalí quotes to Millet and abstract to the figures of the painting, in Dali’s work the figures are like bulkys, for me the figures of Millet spend the all eternity praying but nothing change. Now the formers are like rocks for the eternity of the times. Why it's ahead of the majority? Because Dali was a piece of art himself. In his work he quotes the works of artists of the past, and gives them other dimension, but the primary essential it still there on his work. Dalí says that he was nothing compared to Velasquez but he was bigger compared to the contemporary modern painters, also declared to the media disgusting and almost unnatural things about his sexual desires and erotics dreams that disconcert the critics and the public, he was considered a crazy person but a genius. What lustred his madness is this history: he has a girl friend in his adult life, but they couldn’t visit each other if they don’t sed an invitation, if one of them went to visit without an invitation they couldn’t receive the visit.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have no idea how was the old transantiago system, But were I live is very conforble, I have no complain at all. But the always complain about it, but I think that with the bip system the armed robbery of the driver of the bus had been remove, that is good for there familys isn't? and the drivers are sometimes rude and sometimes nice, but She santiego is a stressful city, so there isn't odd that the people became rude. In my town there are buses and taxis like minibus, and the normally use the taxi cab because the buses are very old and dengerous for old people. Ther is not compared with the transantiego that looks like an airplane compared with that buses. I don't no really what are the problems with the transantiago I have no one, so there is no much to say,... maybe there is a problem with the city distribution, but how so ever the people of santiago went goes to the provice they say: "oh!! santiago is so much fast!!! is better there!!!" I don't understand!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

School's sistems and our society in Chile

I'm going to talk about the rules that governed to the school's in Chile, based in my experience in another country: Brasil. ACCORDING MY POINT OF VIEW the way that schools works in our country is a model of the way our society in Chile works in on a large scale.
In the schools the children have to use uniform because makes them equal and also thay can identify theirselfs with the institution, but we can see on the streets that the students transforms their uniform on the fashion, if you ask them why they do that they answer that the uniform is too boring and thay want to give it their own style. The rules of school punish that acttitud, but the kinds don't give up and after school they transform the uniform with their own style. In my school we couldn't go with jacket of winter or pants (the girls of course) until the administration of school say it...(stupid) In Brasil my school we could go to the school with what we want to but always using the t shirt or jacket of the school, the shoes or the hair was our problem, so in that cause in Brasil the children doesn't wear fashion close or weir close because they were used to that freedom. That society are more spontaneous and we more formal, less casual, more shy. I think that if we teach the to people since their chiuldhood that express their self is good and is natural our society can be better.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Last Post

I think that's very moving this last blog, because that's mean that this first semester is over (almost) For me was quite interesting write for my partners because is something odd to write to people with how I share one class but I don’t really know or I have never speak to, for that part I enjoy it because I had the opportunity to “know” the people from the class with out really know them (according to what I read from the blogs) and also with this exercise of the “free” write about me I could realize that I have to improve in my English, I can say that I notice that I have good hearing but not very good writing. What else...Well I have never had a blog, I have facebook but I hate it, I never write in it. In the blog I had to write if I wanted or not, and that didn’t like me at all, if I don’t like to write in me facebook (I don’t know why I have it) less in the blog, because is weird to write something about me, specially in english and then imagine that other people is going to read it.
Also I have improve in my vocabulary, specially in words about art that I didn’t know, and words of other areas like diseases for example the swine flu (that is quite funny… even the class was paranoid) and I like it the dissertation class, because now I know that I can do it better that I did on that day.
The adventages of the blogging was that I wrote according to the my English, with my mistakes and doubts and with the time I realize how I could improve them. And the disadvantages were that I never read my post again to mend my mistakes.

Monday, June 15, 2009

In 5 years I would like to be making money. No, that’s not true, my vision of my self is of a independent woman, when I say independent I don’t mean separated from my family, no, no, no!!! Maybe I would like to be a least scared and unsecured person, more brave and old, yeah!! I would like to be old and wise, with my own answer to my questions, (I hope) in my fantasy I would like to be living in Brazil, or some where in worm city in France or maybe Monaco or Belgium. In there I will like to be doing photography, or working in a magazine or news paper and writing about the society like an observer of the world. Maybe working in project were shows to the people who works in a factory or some too much structure that exist others form to see to world, or others ways of work that aren’t too conventional like the artist work, the critics work, … or maybe I would like to be working in a institution like an university… maybe that are dreams to much ambitious that are gone take more that only 5 years, maybe I see my self still studying my thesis… in my personal life I see my self like I say before, more brave, and knowing what I want to be or do in my professional life. But is more fun imagine my self in 15 years.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My favourite subject this semester is superficies fantasmáticas and the teacher of this subject is Vidaurre. I like this subject because is speak about films, the teacher explain to us that the movies that we watch in the cinema not have the essential material of what means the movies a form of art different of the literature or the theatre.
I had learnt a lot about the way we (the contemporary spectator) observe a film and the conventions of that observation and how that conventions are not really part of what the film means. A film is essentially an image and the argument of that image is only a complement of the film and not a condition of the film.
When my teacher tells us that I discover way the films that I watch in the Hoyt’s cinema make me what to live before the movie is over. Almost all the Hollywood movies had the seem structure that we had seen before in others movies (of Hollywood too) and see one of this “classics” movies is the like seen it all of them, that don’t means that is not fun to enjoy a movie with your friends on that Friday nights but that is not the only type of films. There are a lot of kinds of movies of other countries and languages, and were the argument is not so important.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Well I want to considered my field the dressmaking, because that is something that I love to do. The best in my field I think is Vivianne Westwood. She is a great fashion designer. She has done beautiful designs for woman and especially young girls. She work in the field of designs since the sixties. But she keep in the present the freshness until to day and in my opinion that's quite amazing because she is old but with a young taste. She has a boutique (I don't remember the name) and she is quite famous in New York and England of course. But What I like about her work is the sweet clothes and no so much her punks designs. I like her because her clothes is so easy to copy and make my self, and because is "hip" and with cheer full, but can be elegant and quite dark if you don't want to look like a clow with to many colours, but her colours make you think in sweets and chocolates. Well what makes her the best is that she made designs that all people can wear, and is very confortable. I like the cotton because is soft, and her clothes can be made in that material. And is the best because is just beautiful want she do.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My best friend

That is a very delicate matter because my friends are gonna to read this post and they are gonna be mad with me if I choose one. Well I'm gonna to say that me best friend is.....(I'm gonna to be diplomatic) me Amanda Flores (my mom). YEAHHH! She is my best friend. Well... I had known her my all life, of course. She graduated as a mother the same day to the same tiemp that I gradueted of daughter. We have everythig in common, we love the chocolate, we like ride our bike, go to the beach, we love swim, ad made our owm clothes, we like read a lot and talk about what we think about the reading and write. We enjoy to know everything about arts and culture, and we love cook specially cook together, and a lotof stuff super fun (at least for us).
What make us differents is that we are mother and daughter, that in spite of our age difference we lke to do the same things, specially together, almost all the people I known don´t like to be with their mom, I think that is quite sad because I can't imagine to be more that a week with out speak withe her.
Of course we had more that one big arguement, but right known I can't remember why we had arguements....mmm no, I DON'T REMEMBER, on the least time we didn´t had an arguement, maybe when I was more little but not known.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Web site

I don't have a favourite Web site, because I almost never get into the internet. But I like the movies a lot and if I want to download a movie I go to On that web site I can fine the movies I like very quickly, I think that's the only one. OH NO! and I like wikipedia, because in that page I can fine information that I can use like a guide to my look on the books. The firts web that I was spoken I fined because my brother toll me about it. I was sixteen ( I believe) the first time a used. When I was in high school I used more often, but now I don't used so much, maybe because I have more things to do know, and I don't watch all the movies that woul like to see.
The wikipedia web side I also discovered in high school, I don't remember how I discovered, Maybe I discovered when I was doing a homework. I don't used too used either, because like I said I almost never get into the internet. Wikipedia is special because all the people can put information in there so all the people around the world can write for that web side, so you can fine what you want, but the for some is dangerous because the people can send wrong information too, so is better no used. Well I think that all I can said, is quite boring this post, Isn't? I don't really know to much about it. That's all folks!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cell phone...

I think that the most important technology for me (in this moment) is the cell phone. When I lived with my parets this technology, for me, was unuseful, I don't needed, because I saw all me friends in the school every day, and I communicated to my parents where I was going to be when I mas going out with my friends of that time. I even maked fun of the people who spoked on the phone when they were walking on the streets, or I maked fun of my partners that always show their new phone. But now I live alone, so I always almouts every day I need to call to my mom, I can't to avoid. I call to ask what I have to take when I get sick, o what should I cook, or how I have to cook, or I call her just to talk. I can say (with embarrassment) that I can't live with out it. But when travel to me home I dont even know were is my cell phone.
I don't truelly care if my phone is in fashion or not, if take photograph or not, if the cellphone do what it have to do is fine for me.
I have used this phone for two years now, since I came to Santiago. Like I say before I used to call home (I have to say that they almoust never call me, maybe because they know I'm going to call any way) but to talk to my friends I never used. I only call them to know where I have to waint or where we are gone to meet when we go out.
If I didn't had a cell phone right now I think I would be lost because to whom I can ask what to do if I'm sick?

Monday, April 27, 2009

History of Art....

Well, .....since I was 5 years I was always interested in paintings, the first painting that I remenber saw for the first time was a reproduction in the house of my dad's friends in Brasil, that painting was of Gaughin, at then Guernica by Picasso. It the school I always show talent in the drawing and the painting, my mother say that my teachers always said that I should study art, and I was only 8 years old at the time. My mother always buy me books of painting, my dad always admired my interest in art. So it was something I always knew that I was going to study this carrer. When I was fifteen I discover this carrer, I always watch on the cable tv documentarys of painting or painters, and I shed light on that the people who spoke on this documentarys were historian, critics, writers, of art exclusive, so I thougth "were I should study to do want this people do". That is why I'm studing this strange carrer, just only because I love art.

The professionals of my carrer contribute to the study the diferents ways that the humanity had seen the world, and to understand why the society had acting in the way that we see now, and that study help us to understand our own society. All this knowledge serve to contribute to the construction of the perspective that the society has of him self.

The tools that the professionals need to the future are the society. Because in he society is were the perspective of seen change, also the historical context of this society.

Well, me favourite subject is SOCIOLOGY OF ART, superficies fantasmáticas y obra y discurso. The least year was Obra y materialidad, estética, ruptura e ideologia. I think that I LIKE MORE AESTHETICS, but I'm not sure. What do you think?

Monday, April 20, 2009

The greatest winter..................

Well.....the most beautiful place that I visit in Chile was Pan de Azucar. That was the greast winter a had, I went to there went I was fourteen years old, that was the first time that I was going to camp. I went with my beautiful family and their friends and their children which had my age. I had the best time in there. Pan de Azucar it's in Chañaral and the trip took six hours from my home town that is Copiapó. Pan de Azucar is a protection park for animals in endangered of exinction. If you want to go there you have to pay some money, and then you go in to the park. But before that you get a place to camp, you can choose want camping you want to stayed, because the park is huge and I can't know the all park in just when trip.

Although it was winter and it was very cold, the kinds we swam in the beach, and the water was frozen!! but it was so much fun, The adults made barbecued, fried fish,... we, the kinds, melt the cheese, and we try to fishing but nothing happen, ........ and af course we meet now people, from Chile and from all over the world,........ since then I had went to camp every summer and winter vacation to others places in the north of Chile.

Monday, April 13, 2009

About me....

My name is Gabriela Paz Santander Flores....
I study History of art in the university of Chile. I'm creating this blog for my english class, I hope I can improve in my english , because it is the universal language and if I can speak and write very well this language then I could meet now people from all over the world. I want learn german and french too. About me I love movies, especially the french ones. Well I don't know what else say about me, only that I hope that the winter come soon.