Saturday, May 30, 2009

My best friend

That is a very delicate matter because my friends are gonna to read this post and they are gonna be mad with me if I choose one. Well I'm gonna to say that me best friend is.....(I'm gonna to be diplomatic) me Amanda Flores (my mom). YEAHHH! She is my best friend. Well... I had known her my all life, of course. She graduated as a mother the same day to the same tiemp that I gradueted of daughter. We have everythig in common, we love the chocolate, we like ride our bike, go to the beach, we love swim, ad made our owm clothes, we like read a lot and talk about what we think about the reading and write. We enjoy to know everything about arts and culture, and we love cook specially cook together, and a lotof stuff super fun (at least for us).
What make us differents is that we are mother and daughter, that in spite of our age difference we lke to do the same things, specially together, almost all the people I known don´t like to be with their mom, I think that is quite sad because I can't imagine to be more that a week with out speak withe her.
Of course we had more that one big arguement, but right known I can't remember why we had arguements....mmm no, I DON'T REMEMBER, on the least time we didn´t had an arguement, maybe when I was more little but not known.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Web site

I don't have a favourite Web site, because I almost never get into the internet. But I like the movies a lot and if I want to download a movie I go to On that web site I can fine the movies I like very quickly, I think that's the only one. OH NO! and I like wikipedia, because in that page I can fine information that I can use like a guide to my look on the books. The firts web that I was spoken I fined because my brother toll me about it. I was sixteen ( I believe) the first time a used. When I was in high school I used more often, but now I don't used so much, maybe because I have more things to do know, and I don't watch all the movies that woul like to see.
The wikipedia web side I also discovered in high school, I don't remember how I discovered, Maybe I discovered when I was doing a homework. I don't used too used either, because like I said I almost never get into the internet. Wikipedia is special because all the people can put information in there so all the people around the world can write for that web side, so you can fine what you want, but the for some is dangerous because the people can send wrong information too, so is better no used. Well I think that all I can said, is quite boring this post, Isn't? I don't really know to much about it. That's all folks!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cell phone...

I think that the most important technology for me (in this moment) is the cell phone. When I lived with my parets this technology, for me, was unuseful, I don't needed, because I saw all me friends in the school every day, and I communicated to my parents where I was going to be when I mas going out with my friends of that time. I even maked fun of the people who spoked on the phone when they were walking on the streets, or I maked fun of my partners that always show their new phone. But now I live alone, so I always almouts every day I need to call to my mom, I can't to avoid. I call to ask what I have to take when I get sick, o what should I cook, or how I have to cook, or I call her just to talk. I can say (with embarrassment) that I can't live with out it. But when travel to me home I dont even know were is my cell phone.
I don't truelly care if my phone is in fashion or not, if take photograph or not, if the cellphone do what it have to do is fine for me.
I have used this phone for two years now, since I came to Santiago. Like I say before I used to call home (I have to say that they almoust never call me, maybe because they know I'm going to call any way) but to talk to my friends I never used. I only call them to know where I have to waint or where we are gone to meet when we go out.
If I didn't had a cell phone right now I think I would be lost because to whom I can ask what to do if I'm sick?