Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sect, quite scary....

I think that the people find sects appealing because the people who belong to sects do things that ordinary people like me don't know and we only can imagine. Also is very interesting because the sects are a very old "thing". The Christians are an example of a sect, because the origin of them is the Judaism religion and a part of
That religion forms a group that broke with the Judaism religion. That group will be known as the sect.
But is also other sect as know the Ku Klux Klan. That sect is famous, and know is part of the pop culture, you can ask every one if they know that sect and if you ask them or if you ask me who are they, the common answer that they were a group of man that wear white robe and a white hood that also cover their faces, and the other people that don't belong to the sect couldn't recognize. This people killed colour people, because they hated them. I f you ask me what is a sect, immediately appear on my mind the Ku Klux Klan. I said that they belong to the pop culture because they appear on the movies, on novels; they are (with Hitler) what the pop culture call the incarnation of evil. I don't have much knowledge about what a sect means really or the Ku Klux Klan's believes, but I think that this group of people don't have tolerance for the rest of the humanity; they had misinterpreted the bible (Because they love God)
The ignorance is very powerful as we can see on this people; they are an example of what the irrational mind can do.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My faculty

My faculty, in the Juan Gomez milla is poor in the infrastructure and in the architecture, for example the English park is a path that is made of wood, for the rain had distorted the wood and that is uncomfortable to walk on by, because you can stumble. There is a person who works on the faculty and she hurt her ankle, she had to stays at home with a medical license. The material of path could be chance for other more save and comfortable to walk, and more durable that wood, maybe metal, or cement, or I don’t know.... but there must be change.

Also the bath rooms, at last the woman's bath room, isn't very pretty, because there is just one bath room and is quite small, so doesn't keep very clean. The bath room is too hide, this is in the end of the faculty. Could be more that one bath room.

When rains the water get filter into the English class room, and sometimes in others class rooms too. When rains I realize that there aren't to many spaces for take shelter of the rain and also the cold on winter, maybe we need more spaces covered with a roof, also for the hot on summer, for been more comfortable in the faculty, and of course we need a bigger library, is quite small, sometimes is full of people and there isn't too many space to study, but also because of this small space isn't too confortable to study because we can hear the group of people how are talking are doing a group home work.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm chilean

I'm gonna to talk you about a comment that I had from a brazilian four years ago. I was in high school on a trip with my classmates on Brasil and this guy who made the tour says that the chileans are: very shy people, but in a bad way because when we were in a group of people, like friends, we took personality and laugh of the other people, or made unpleasant comments of them. Also there is the comment of Ominani who said "that been a chilean is a tragedy". I love my country and all that ... but my family and I lived something like that comment of Ominami when we arrive from Brasil after almost 8 years, I was very little but I felt that kind of envy from "the chilean people". The first year of school was hard because the girls (but not the boys) were cruel. Mom and dad experiment the envy of there old friends, but envy of what? I don't know. A friend of my dad who was chilean but settle in England come to visit us and said the some comment of Ominami. So that is the awful truth, isn't? We' are envious people. But also we had good things. The prank of the chilean, when the chilean is in an other country knows how to take advantage of the earliest apportunity. We are very good host when a foreigner come to visit our country, also we are good to makes jokes.
I don't know how present are our roots. My mom is from the north of Chile, and for me the roots that I have are from the history and culture of the mining people, the desert, and that but also I fell the love from the history of Brazil culture and history, so I don't really know .... I don't fell the roots from the people of the south of chile and to the problems of the indigenous from Arauco.
I thing that our roots are more farway from us compared to other countries of Chile. Maybe because we are divide from the rest of America because of the range of the Andes, and we're almost lonely, and for that reason the history of our country are insolated, and we don't really cultivate are roots in general. I knew Pablo neruda poem's from a song of a brazilian group, and the people on the rest of the world know us because of Pinochet, and the return of the democracy, and of course Salvador Allende, I don't know if that is good or bad, some people admired us, for that we had the respect from other countries, because we choose the democracy, when I travel I said that I'm from Chile the people said, Pinochet!, Allende! but I like when they said Bachelet, the woman president!