Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have no idea how was the old transantiago system, But were I live is very conforble, I have no complain at all. But the always complain about it, but I think that with the bip system the armed robbery of the driver of the bus had been remove, that is good for there familys isn't? and the drivers are sometimes rude and sometimes nice, but She santiego is a stressful city, so there isn't odd that the people became rude. In my town there are buses and taxis like minibus, and the normally use the taxi cab because the buses are very old and dengerous for old people. Ther is not compared with the transantiego that looks like an airplane compared with that buses. I don't no really what are the problems with the transantiago I have no one, so there is no much to say,... maybe there is a problem with the city distribution, but how so ever the people of santiago went goes to the provice they say: "oh!! santiago is so much fast!!! is better there!!!" I don't understand!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

School's sistems and our society in Chile

I'm going to talk about the rules that governed to the school's in Chile, based in my experience in another country: Brasil. ACCORDING MY POINT OF VIEW the way that schools works in our country is a model of the way our society in Chile works in on a large scale.
In the schools the children have to use uniform because makes them equal and also thay can identify theirselfs with the institution, but we can see on the streets that the students transforms their uniform on the fashion, if you ask them why they do that they answer that the uniform is too boring and thay want to give it their own style. The rules of school punish that acttitud, but the kinds don't give up and after school they transform the uniform with their own style. In my school we couldn't go with jacket of winter or pants (the girls of course) until the administration of school say it...(stupid) In Brasil my school we could go to the school with what we want to but always using the t shirt or jacket of the school, the shoes or the hair was our problem, so in that cause in Brasil the children doesn't wear fashion close or weir close because they were used to that freedom. That society are more spontaneous and we more formal, less casual, more shy. I think that if we teach the to people since their chiuldhood that express their self is good and is natural our society can be better.