Thursday, October 8, 2009

My faculty

My faculty, in the Juan Gomez milla is poor in the infrastructure and in the architecture, for example the English park is a path that is made of wood, for the rain had distorted the wood and that is uncomfortable to walk on by, because you can stumble. There is a person who works on the faculty and she hurt her ankle, she had to stays at home with a medical license. The material of path could be chance for other more save and comfortable to walk, and more durable that wood, maybe metal, or cement, or I don’t know.... but there must be change.

Also the bath rooms, at last the woman's bath room, isn't very pretty, because there is just one bath room and is quite small, so doesn't keep very clean. The bath room is too hide, this is in the end of the faculty. Could be more that one bath room.

When rains the water get filter into the English class room, and sometimes in others class rooms too. When rains I realize that there aren't to many spaces for take shelter of the rain and also the cold on winter, maybe we need more spaces covered with a roof, also for the hot on summer, for been more comfortable in the faculty, and of course we need a bigger library, is quite small, sometimes is full of people and there isn't too many space to study, but also because of this small space isn't too confortable to study because we can hear the group of people how are talking are doing a group home work.

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  1. There's a lot of bad things in infrastructure, but the yard is so beutiful, I hope it last for a long time...