Thursday, September 24, 2009


I would show to the visit the centre of Santiago, because I think that is interesting how differents forms of culture had a reunion on one tinny place, the different smells of food, pollution, and of course people is the principal memories that the people had of Santiago, for some people is nice and for the majority is not a good impression but is our culture. I would take them to the municipal theatre to hear some beautiful music, and dancing. Also I would take them to the CCPM because in that place the government exposit it the official art of our country, then I would take him to visit the Palacio de La Moneda because you can visit the principal city of a country with out know in the politic history. Then I would take hem to walk to Plaza de Armas and the cathedral.
I would like that the visit compared the colonial ascendant of our city that is for me not very appreciated for us. Also I would take them to the mount of San Cristobal and Santa Lucia and see Santiago from other panoramic, and because in those places we can see the vegetation and also bread fresh air, that is quite amazing in this city, and this will show to the tourist that in Santiago you can find almost everything, even fresh air and a silence place, at also to see that in Santiago we can feel that we’are not in the city. Also I my visitor can visit the Museo de Bellas Artes, because I study that thing......and the visitor must know Plaza ñuñoa near from my department, there is very nice in the afternoon because you can walk on he Plaza, you can eat ice cream, ride your bike, is very peaceful. On the night you can find greats restaurants or bars, whatever you want to do with your frinds..........

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  1. I live in stgo like it! it's all so near!

    obviously I go on bellavista's tour with you!!!
    lets drink some nice bear and stuffs!! ;D