Thursday, September 3, 2009

The biggest Avant garde.............SALVADOR DALI

I wanna talk about not of my favourite avant garde but of the biggest artist of the surrealism.
My favourite avant garde is surrealism and inside that I LOVE the work of Salvador Dali. For me it's really hard choose what is my favourite work of Dali. But if I have to choose I will have to say that my “favourite” is Millet's Architectonic Angelus, because for me it's beautiful how Dalí quotes to Millet and abstract to the figures of the painting, in Dali’s work the figures are like bulkys, for me the figures of Millet spend the all eternity praying but nothing change. Now the formers are like rocks for the eternity of the times. Why it's ahead of the majority? Because Dali was a piece of art himself. In his work he quotes the works of artists of the past, and gives them other dimension, but the primary essential it still there on his work. Dalí says that he was nothing compared to Velasquez but he was bigger compared to the contemporary modern painters, also declared to the media disgusting and almost unnatural things about his sexual desires and erotics dreams that disconcert the critics and the public, he was considered a crazy person but a genius. What lustred his madness is this history: he has a girl friend in his adult life, but they couldn’t visit each other if they don’t sed an invitation, if one of them went to visit without an invitation they couldn’t receive the visit.


  1. jajaja do you like dali and rocio too jaja, I like all that he made with the Angelus too.

  2. i like so much the Dali work *.*
    specially the girl in the window
    jejeje this paint is not surrealist but is my favourit.
    my favourite surrealism artist is Magritte

    see you

  3. Hi!
    I like so much Dalí too! :D I want to see "un perro andaluz" a films directed by Dalí and Buñuel

  4. Well, surrealims rules! and magritte was for a very long time my favourite painter

    Have a nice vacations!!

  5. dali is a very interesting artist and very important too, thats maybe why he was kick out of the movment.

    see you!!1

  6. cool!

    with all the different proposal of the avant garde!
    it's difficult to choose one , not?