Thursday, November 5, 2009

The challenges for my discipline on the technology is very all, because I think that the all areas of human science on the investigation area, with the internet can made papers put it on internet and with their students, and professionals and of the some discipline and share knowledge and at the some way the competetion entre them is more obvious because because the partner of the discipline all over the world don't have excuse to made shorts investigation at put it on internet as papers, because now the professional is also valued becuase of those works. On the social challenge I think (in my ignorance) that is the same at least here in Chile because we as a discipline are unkown, so the sociaty on this world that the job have to contribute m on the develoment on the nation we don't con to much, on their eyes so the challenge for my is that the people realize that the problem of don't have an identidy is because our production and history of art on Chile is very poor, I can say that we don't had history of art, and the coincidence of this problem with USA is the same, they also had a problem with their identidy so they take products of Europe, and made them their own. So the pragmatist vision of life, with the view on the compensation of money, at the life for work and after that had a real life, on the retire, made us see the human science as art like a thing that doesn't work. The challenge on the Education is related with the social problem. The problem of the aesthetics education, the learning of feeling, on this time we had to use instruments that made us feel, like the people how drive in a hight speed on their car, or the guys who are in motocycle in a hight speed, those machine madethem feel things, but when the people goes to the see some "art" they get bored because thay can feel, is too hard, that is way the show business is so sucessful, the people had to feel outside of their self.

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