Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Last Post

I think that's very moving this last blog, because that's mean that this first semester is over (almost) For me was quite interesting write for my partners because is something odd to write to people with how I share one class but I don’t really know or I have never speak to, for that part I enjoy it because I had the opportunity to “know” the people from the class with out really know them (according to what I read from the blogs) and also with this exercise of the “free” write about me I could realize that I have to improve in my English, I can say that I notice that I have good hearing but not very good writing. What else...Well I have never had a blog, I have facebook but I hate it, I never write in it. In the blog I had to write if I wanted or not, and that didn’t like me at all, if I don’t like to write in me facebook (I don’t know why I have it) less in the blog, because is weird to write something about me, specially in english and then imagine that other people is going to read it.
Also I have improve in my vocabulary, specially in words about art that I didn’t know, and words of other areas like diseases for example the swine flu (that is quite funny… even the class was paranoid) and I like it the dissertation class, because now I know that I can do it better that I did on that day.
The adventages of the blogging was that I wrote according to the my English, with my mistakes and doubts and with the time I realize how I could improve them. And the disadvantages were that I never read my post again to mend my mistakes.