Monday, April 27, 2009

History of Art....

Well, .....since I was 5 years I was always interested in paintings, the first painting that I remenber saw for the first time was a reproduction in the house of my dad's friends in Brasil, that painting was of Gaughin, at then Guernica by Picasso. It the school I always show talent in the drawing and the painting, my mother say that my teachers always said that I should study art, and I was only 8 years old at the time. My mother always buy me books of painting, my dad always admired my interest in art. So it was something I always knew that I was going to study this carrer. When I was fifteen I discover this carrer, I always watch on the cable tv documentarys of painting or painters, and I shed light on that the people who spoke on this documentarys were historian, critics, writers, of art exclusive, so I thougth "were I should study to do want this people do". That is why I'm studing this strange carrer, just only because I love art.

The professionals of my carrer contribute to the study the diferents ways that the humanity had seen the world, and to understand why the society had acting in the way that we see now, and that study help us to understand our own society. All this knowledge serve to contribute to the construction of the perspective that the society has of him self.

The tools that the professionals need to the future are the society. Because in he society is were the perspective of seen change, also the historical context of this society.

Well, me favourite subject is SOCIOLOGY OF ART, superficies fantasmáticas y obra y discurso. The least year was Obra y materialidad, estética, ruptura e ideologia. I think that I LIKE MORE AESTHETICS, but I'm not sure. What do you think?

Monday, April 20, 2009

The greatest winter..................

Well.....the most beautiful place that I visit in Chile was Pan de Azucar. That was the greast winter a had, I went to there went I was fourteen years old, that was the first time that I was going to camp. I went with my beautiful family and their friends and their children which had my age. I had the best time in there. Pan de Azucar it's in Chañaral and the trip took six hours from my home town that is Copiapó. Pan de Azucar is a protection park for animals in endangered of exinction. If you want to go there you have to pay some money, and then you go in to the park. But before that you get a place to camp, you can choose want camping you want to stayed, because the park is huge and I can't know the all park in just when trip.

Although it was winter and it was very cold, the kinds we swam in the beach, and the water was frozen!! but it was so much fun, The adults made barbecued, fried fish,... we, the kinds, melt the cheese, and we try to fishing but nothing happen, ........ and af course we meet now people, from Chile and from all over the world,........ since then I had went to camp every summer and winter vacation to others places in the north of Chile.

Monday, April 13, 2009

About me....

My name is Gabriela Paz Santander Flores....
I study History of art in the university of Chile. I'm creating this blog for my english class, I hope I can improve in my english , because it is the universal language and if I can speak and write very well this language then I could meet now people from all over the world. I want learn german and french too. About me I love movies, especially the french ones. Well I don't know what else say about me, only that I hope that the winter come soon.