Monday, June 15, 2009

In 5 years I would like to be making money. No, that’s not true, my vision of my self is of a independent woman, when I say independent I don’t mean separated from my family, no, no, no!!! Maybe I would like to be a least scared and unsecured person, more brave and old, yeah!! I would like to be old and wise, with my own answer to my questions, (I hope) in my fantasy I would like to be living in Brazil, or some where in worm city in France or maybe Monaco or Belgium. In there I will like to be doing photography, or working in a magazine or news paper and writing about the society like an observer of the world. Maybe working in project were shows to the people who works in a factory or some too much structure that exist others form to see to world, or others ways of work that aren’t too conventional like the artist work, the critics work, … or maybe I would like to be working in a institution like an university… maybe that are dreams to much ambitious that are gone take more that only 5 years, maybe I see my self still studying my thesis… in my personal life I see my self like I say before, more brave, and knowing what I want to be or do in my professional life. But is more fun imagine my self in 15 years.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My favourite subject this semester is superficies fantasmáticas and the teacher of this subject is Vidaurre. I like this subject because is speak about films, the teacher explain to us that the movies that we watch in the cinema not have the essential material of what means the movies a form of art different of the literature or the theatre.
I had learnt a lot about the way we (the contemporary spectator) observe a film and the conventions of that observation and how that conventions are not really part of what the film means. A film is essentially an image and the argument of that image is only a complement of the film and not a condition of the film.
When my teacher tells us that I discover way the films that I watch in the Hoyt’s cinema make me what to live before the movie is over. Almost all the Hollywood movies had the seem structure that we had seen before in others movies (of Hollywood too) and see one of this “classics” movies is the like seen it all of them, that don’t means that is not fun to enjoy a movie with your friends on that Friday nights but that is not the only type of films. There are a lot of kinds of movies of other countries and languages, and were the argument is not so important.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Well I want to considered my field the dressmaking, because that is something that I love to do. The best in my field I think is Vivianne Westwood. She is a great fashion designer. She has done beautiful designs for woman and especially young girls. She work in the field of designs since the sixties. But she keep in the present the freshness until to day and in my opinion that's quite amazing because she is old but with a young taste. She has a boutique (I don't remember the name) and she is quite famous in New York and England of course. But What I like about her work is the sweet clothes and no so much her punks designs. I like her because her clothes is so easy to copy and make my self, and because is "hip" and with cheer full, but can be elegant and quite dark if you don't want to look like a clow with to many colours, but her colours make you think in sweets and chocolates. Well what makes her the best is that she made designs that all people can wear, and is very confortable. I like the cotton because is soft, and her clothes can be made in that material. And is the best because is just beautiful want she do.